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H p k n s

James Deville // Vocals / Guitar

 David Lovegrove // Vocals / Bass / Percussion


James & David have been writing & performing together for over 10 years in various bands. However after sending demo ideas in between traveling throughout Europe & working back in Melbourne, they decided to commit full time to their new Blues inspired project HPKNS. Following in the footsteps of the foot-stomping style made famous by Lightnin’ Hopkins, John-Lee Hooker & others while incorporating bass heavy beats & their penchant for melody & harmony, HPKNS aim to create their own unique style of groove & beat based music.


Recorded & Produced at Joyluck Studios with renowned Melbourne electronic & indie guru Haxx (Deja, Kult Kyss) HPKNS have recently released 3 singles in the second half of 2016 “SODA MAN" "LA ANDY" & "AMY SPENCER BLUES" receiving airplay on Triple M’s Homegrown, Triple J's Roots & All & Independent Radio around the world. All 3 singles have received numerous positive reviews on Australian & International music blogs including & 

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"I don't think I'd be wrong to think that you can imagine this track as something that would appear in a Frank Miller X Quentin Tarantino film"

Alex //


"This duo is eccentric and unique for the way they approach the blues roots in their music. Soda Man’ is a grooving song with an attractive guitar riff & feels like a 2016 version of the work blues-men like Son House once recorded."

Nanno //



"While the soaking guitar has you reaching for a whiskey to savour & slowly drain, the vaguely house feel also finds you reaching for a shot of vodka to tip down the throat in a hurry..."

Tim //


"A sharp-riffed banger boasting larger than life vocals that are confident, cool & paired with a melody that is lush & soaked in California surf & sunshine.."


"Yay! Sweet summer track. Love the beat, love the motion, love this song!"





Featured //

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LA ANDY // Another Whiskey For Mister Bukowski

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AMY SPENCER BLUES // Diamond Deposits

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Played on //

Soda Man // Triple M Homegrown

LA Andy // Triple J - Roots & All

LA Andy // Blow-Up Radio (US)

Soda Man // Radio Why-Not (Russia)

Amy Spencer Blues // Indie XL (Netherlands)

Blues Radio // (Greece)


Interviews //

Diamond Deposits

Radio Why-Not


Live // 

Hpkns have taken their unique live show to venues around Melbourne including The Workers Club, Yah Yah's, The Croxton Park Hotel & Whole Lotta Love.




+61 400 084 749