HPKNS inherent ability to create chaos & anarchy as a 2 piece has strong undertones of influential duo, The White Stripes. However the apparent ease at which these two achieve such a sound has a curious difference. While Jack & Meg would feverishly pound away igniting a primal energy that was laborious & ferocious, HPKNS rattle your bones with a subtle grace more commonly found in a smooth golf swing or perfectly aged whiskey. They meander through their beats & rhythms while nonchalantly dropping jagged riffs, soothing melody lines & resolving hooks. 


HPKNS sound like a band searching for something more; be that in their sound, from themselves or from the world around them. If the war for truth could be embodied by music & sound, artists like Nick Cave & Leonard Cohen would be the most honourable soldiers at our disposal. It's a far cry to suggest HPKNS carry such weight in their arsenal but there is evidently a rebellious link hidden in the attitude they bring to their work.


There is also a clear tribute to the great Bluesmen  before them; RL Burnside, John Lee Hooker & Leadbelly all come to mind as their sound relies heavily on touch & feel while being a slave to the rhythm. HPKNS production style is like a beat down renaissance of what you'd expect to hear on a 1930's blues record, but for today, and may we add - quite deliberately. No doubt the duo have substituted quality for authenticity and this has been coupled with a certain urgency to separate themselves from the mainstream and a desperation to above all  else 'BE REAL'

HPKNS (B&W 3).jpeg