Soda Man boast gritty and consuming guitars that rattle and echo through the track like some old time dirty blues track, I don’t think I’d be wrong to think that you can totally imagine this track as something that would appear in a Frank Miller X Quentin Tarantino film. There’s something quite seductive about the foot stomping vibes coming off of this track. While the guitars let rip in that effortlessly cool way of Blue’s musicians past the deep tones of James Deville and Dave Lovegrove’s vocal work on the track becoming something of an intoxicating focal point.

Semple Size, 2016

hpkns I soda man

‘Soda Man’ is a grooving song with an attractive guitar riff and feels like a 2016 version of the work Bluesmen like Son House once recorded. Listen to “Death Letter Blues”, which he recorded in 1965 and you’ll find a similar groove in HPKNS arrangements.

Black Bull Blues, 2016